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What I'm Wearing...

Curvy Canadian: What I'm Wearing...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What I'm Wearing...

Hi All,

I've taken a few photos of myself in some of my favourite outfits so you can see first-hand what my style is and how I put all the pieces together. I will try to post a picture a week of me in a different outfit, with descriptions of where I got the pieces and how much they cost (if I can remember). Here's my first outfit:

Jacket - from Delirious (their store in Waterloo - they ship throughout Canada)

Top - from Addition-Elle/MXM (not sure how much it cost b/c it was a gift)

Skirt - from Suzy Shier (although Suzy Shier doesn't carry plus-size specifically, some of their items are cut a bit larger or are stretchy and will fit up to a size 18).

Bag - from vintage store (I think it was about $10)

Neclace - from Forever 21 (about $8)

Shoes - from Winners (about $35)

Hope you liked my first outfit! Stay tuned for more!

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