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The Toronto Clothing Show and My New and Fabulous Skirt from Sofistafunk!

Curvy Canadian: The Toronto Clothing Show and My New and Fabulous Skirt from Sofistafunk!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Toronto Clothing Show and My New and Fabulous Skirt from Sofistafunk!

Hey Everyone!

So last weekend was the annual Toronto Clothing Show. I had heard some great things about the shopping there, so I decided to go and check it out for myself. I invited Sarah from Garters and Stockings to come too, and we had a great time!

There were loads of great vendors and I had a great time browsing and meeting lots of new people. There was tons of jewellery, accessories, and hats/fascinators everywhere, which is great, because they fit everyone!

Browsing through some lovely jewellery
Outside a vintage booth
Chatting with Lisa from Rent Frock Repeat - a dress rental company - about plus size designers I'd love to see her carry. I think it's a good sign that she was taking notes! LOL.
Trying on all sorts of hats! There was one in particular that I fell in love with, but it was so impractical, and it was $70... I couldn't justify it!
Meeting with Melanie Dubuc, a new up-and-coming Canadian plus size fashion designer
Waiting for the runway show to start!

Here are some videos I was able to take of Melanie Dubuc's and Ashaki Charles' new lines:

Very nice stuff!

Now the skirt I have on just came in from Sofistafunk, a company who specializes in very cool skirts. I met the designer, Arlinda, and Full Figured Fashion Week a while back. She was wearing this amazing black and moss green floor length full skirt to the finale runway show, and I just had to go over and say hello. I asked her where she got her incredible skirt because I was dying to know, and then she told me she designed it! I was pretty much in awe and told her she was very talented (which I am only more convinced of after seeing all the other amazing skirts on the site). We got in touch after Full Figured Fashion Week and she sent this skirt, along with an awesomely flouncy petticoat, as a gift. I absolutely adore it!!! When I got it in the mail I was doing a happy dance all around my apartment for like a good half-hour. Then when I put it on, I was practicing ballet and doing twirls for another half-hour! There is just something so pretty about a really full skirt, you know? It reminds you of the princesses you adored as a child and the opulence of their glamour, and it just makes you feel so youthful and pretty! I think this skirt is fantastic, and I totally recommend you go check out their website if you're looking for a new skirt or if you just like to look at really pretty things. The skirt she sent me is the "Sofistafunk RX," and it's a multi-functional skirt designed as a prescription for those "I-would-love-to-go-but-don't-have-time-to-go-home-to-change" situations. I know you all know what I'm talking about! It comes with a handy little tote so that you can stow it away in a big purse, your desk drawer, or your car in case you score a last-minute invitation to an event you want to look stunning for. 

Anyway, I totally ADORE my new Sofistafunk skirt (thanks Arlinda!) and as you can see, I am wearing it to not-so-last-minute occasions. I actually want to wear it to school with a tiara on, but I think people might look at me funny! But seriously, I can't wait to wear this again!

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