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Curvy Canadian: December 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

(My) Plus Size Store in Toronto Now Open!: Your Big Sister's Closet

Hey Guys,

I know I've been super quiet lately, but it's because I've been working on my most amazing project yet! I opened my very own plus size clothing store in Toronto called Your Big Sister's Closet on December 24th. We've been working on this since about the beginning of October, and there were many delays (we were hoping to be open for the Christmas shopping season) but we're finally open now and so elated that everything has come together so wonderfully. People are always asking me how I came up with the name, and I picked it because I want the space to be really comfortable and relaxed, but with lots of really awesome stuff, just like browsing through a big sister's closet. I have two older sisters whose closets I always envied, but I could never borrow clothes from them because they're so much smaller than me. I wanted to make a store that other women can come to and feel comfortable, and find clothes that make them look and feel great - clothes they're excited about! Since we've opened our doors, we've had many straight-size women come through saying that they love what we're selling and it's too bad we don't carry their size. I think this means we're doing something right! If even women who can shop anywhere want to shop here, I've done my job! I want you all to be excited to put on clothes you get here. That's also how I came up with the tagline - "Plus Size Clothing for the Uncompromising Woman." I thought I'd share a few photos of my new Canadian plus size clothing store in Toronto so you can check us out. The web store is open now but will be undergoing a major make-over soon. If you're looking for plus size clothing in Toronto, I would be so happy if you came by to visit and shop =) We're at 3126 Dundas Street West in Toronto.

So what do you all think of my labour of love?

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