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Curvy Canadian: February 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Modelling for/Review of SexyPlus Clothing Toronto

Hey Guys!

Last weekend, I got to go and hang out with Stefanie from SexyPlus Clothing on Yonge Street in Toronto. Stefanie invited me to do some modelling for her, and I shyly, yet happily, agreed. I was supposed to do some runway modelling for her back in early December, but the event ended up being cancelled, so I was glad I finally got the opportunity to work with her! The shoot was a lot of fun, and I got to try on about 5-6 different outfits. Stefanie also wanted me to do a review of one of her pieces, so I'll show you some of the outfits I modelled and the dress I ended up picking out for my review.

The store itself is really lovely. It has a very warm, inviting atmosphere, which partially has to do with the layout and design of the store, but mostly is because of the lovely service provided by Stefanie and one of her shop associates who was there, Michaela. While I was modelling and changing outfits, I got to see them both work with a number of customers, and they each made the women who entered the store feel immediately at ease, which is so important, especially in a store dedicated to dressing plus size women, who can often have trouble with self-esteem and confidence (not that this is exclusive to plus size women, but it's certainly a pervasive issue in the community). A couple of beautiful women came in and tried on corsets. They sheepishly allowed themselves to be assisted by Stefanie and Michaela, but by the time they were finished being laced-up, their faces resembled a renewed, or perhaps newly-found, confidence that they didn't seem to have when entering. It just goes to show how important clothes are in terms of affecting one's own self-perception. These women, first ill at ease, were now proudly walking out of the changeroom into the store, where several people could admire both their beauty and their new confidence. What an inspiring scene!

The actual changerooms themselves are very comfortable. There is a hook for your purse (it's actually labelled) a hook for your coat (again, labelled) and a long closet style bar where you can hang all your garments up comfortably without having to worry about things getting all tangled together or falling off. The changeroom is large enough for a plus size person to very comfortably dress and undress, and there is (what I like to call) a husband chair just outside with a big ol' pile of manly magazines (with stuff about cars, and motorcycles, and pumping iron, etc... lol). They also have girl magazines in case you bring a straight size friend with you for their opinion. Sometimes I find change rooms are way too hot. Stores use the hottest type of lightbulb available, and by the time you're on outfit 3 or 4, you're sweating up a storm and you're ready to go home. I found the temperature in Stef's store (and her dressing rooms particularly) to be just perfect. I was totally comfortable the whole time. Stefanie has set the store up in such a way that you can be sure you will have a comfortable, relaxing, enjoyable, and successful shopping trip.

Now to the actual looks Stef chose for me to model!

The perfect outfit for a tropical getaway...

Love this dress...!

This was my favourite dress of the day, a stunning a luxurious Joseph Ribkoff number. It would be perfect for FFFWeek!
Left to Right: Myself, Stefanie, and Michaela
Another beautiful Ribkoff piece...
And from behind...
Stef cracking me up during the shoot...
And look how cute my Peter looks!!! So handsome. <3 Love that jacket on him!

After awhile of modelling, I got to pick out my piece that I was going to review. I chose this beautiful, full skirted, faux-double breasted dress by Chic Star. The quality of the fabric is really beautiful, and the workmanship is excellent too. The design is stunning. The dress is remniscent of the Ribkoff one I love so much, but it's a bit more casual, which means I can be sure I'll get more wear out of it. It's a lovely dress that's very comfortable and that I know I will wear again and again. What do you ladies think? =D

Dress - Chic Star Design, courtesy of SexyPlus Clothing/Turban - Domino Dollhouse/Gloves - Urban Behaviour/Belt - Forever 21+/Shoes - CBX

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Outfit of the Day, and a Rad Giveaway - with Your BIG Sister's Closet

Hey Guys,

I wore this dress, which I absolutely adore, last Saturday to get my weekly latte fix with Peter. I think this dress is totally gorgeous, and I felt so pretty in it all day! I love the fullness of the skirt and the volume at the shoulders. It gives the dress a very unique feel. I also love that this dress comes with a belt, which I feel really completes the look. I wore it with leggings and my knee-high boots, but as the weather gets warmer, I'll probably wear it without the leggings, although the length might make it a little scandalous! ;) I really like the contrasting black and grey together, and the dress was very comfy, which is definitely a bonus. All in all, I am very pleased with the quality and style of the dress, and I am definitely going to remix it with different accessories soon to create a different look with it.

Dress and Belt (set) - Your BIG Sister's Closet/Boots - Courtesy of Torrid/Leggings - Forever 21+

So now to the part you're all reading for, THE GIVEAWAY!!! I am giving away a $60 gift card to Your BIG Sister's Closet that can be used to purchase this dress or something else that you love on the site. How do you enter? Just follow the steps in the form below, and make sure you click: "I did this" after completing each task to ensure your entry gets submitted. Good Luck!!!


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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Valentine's Day

Hey Everyone!

Did you have a nice Valentine's Day? I did! Peter brought me to Medieval Times, which I'd been wanting to do for a really long time, and he brought me home some flowers and chocolates too. :D

I wanted to wear something in the pink or red family, and it was totally perfect, because I ordered a sample pack for my new web store, Your Big Sister's Closet, and one of the dresses was pink. I made sure that I got some good pictures of me in the dress because I'm including them with the product description on my store (who would have ever thought it, me as a model! Pfft!). I really like the fabric used to make the dress. It's a ponte (or a heavy jersey, for those who don't know what ponte is like), and the construction is really good. This is the 3X, which fits me at an 18/20, but would probably also fit a 22 or maybe even a 24, albeit more snugly, because it's a stretchy fabric. I got lots of compliments on it ("You look lovely, milady", lol), and our Knight, who WON, even threw a flower to me!!! *Blushes*

Anyways, without further ado, here is my Valentine's Day outfit. You can purchase the dress if you like, right here. It comes in sizes L-3X, and in pink with black piping (shown), or black with pink piping. It retails for $55 CDN, and I'm offering free shipping worldwide at the moment. What do you guys think? Do you like the dress? What other sorts of things would you like to see me add to the store?

Hat, Purse, Earrings - Vintage/Dress - Your BIG Sister's Closet/Tights - Secret Brand/Shoes - Rainbow (US)

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Just Chillin'

Horrible post title, right? I am trying to be a bit clever, because when I wore this casual outfit I pretty much froze my buns off outside. I am tired of my winter coat already! I can't really complain, though. The weather here has been unseasonably warm, and we've had very little snow. Since it's almost mid-February, I hope we're going to kind of miss a true Canadian winter here in Toronto. Though I hear it's very bad in Western Europe, especially France. How are you guys doing over there? Comment ca va dans Paris?

I picked up this really cool jacket, that is, ironically, from Paris, on one of my thrift store adventures. I adore the shape of it, and the fabric is really good quality. The tag says size EUR 36 - which translates to a US size 6-8, but it clearly fits me perfectly. All the buttons do up, it's not tight anywhere, and quite honestly, I probably wouldn't like it if it was noticeably bigger on me, since it's already fairly over-sized. It just goes to show you - never determine whether something will fit you based on the number on the tag alone. Especially when thrifting. If you like something, pick it up and gauge it's actual size against your body; you'll have so much more luck thrifting this way. I paired the jacket with a purple cami and a colourful floral scarf (I can't wait for Spring), and finished off the look with my black skinnies and simple flats. Peter was laughing at me because my hair was (rather unintentionally) having a Justin Bieber day. And I was like - baby, baby, baby, NO! Hahaha. Of course he didn't point this out until AFTER he had taken the pictures and there was really nothing to be done about it. I say :P to you, sir... :P

Jacket - Thrifted/Cami and Jeans - Forever 21+/Shoes - Lane Bryant/Purse and Scarf - CBX

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Outfit of the Day: It's been awhile... And a Lane Bryant Denim Review!

Hey Guys!

I know it's been awhile since my last outfit of the day post... sorry! I have been putting a lot of effort and work into developing my new online store, Your BIG Sister's Closet. I started out with items from my own closet, as well as amazing vintage finds, but I have branched out and have sourced brand new plus size clothing (and hats, jewellery, handbags, shoes, etc.) from a few overseas (and domestic) vendors, and my little online store has expanded to include a lot more items. I am currently waiting on a sample pack from another prospective vendor, and if it arrives and all looks good, then there will be even more on offer. I should have it by Wednesday or so, so make sure you check out the website for some new items on Thursday or Friday. I think what I ordered will be lovely, and I can't wait to see it! In the meantime, check out what I've already got up here, and make sure you tell all your friends about me! =D

What I wore:

I wore this for my Saturday morning coffee date with Peter, which has turned into quite the tradition! I used to take pictures of my outfits before school, but it's just too early and too cold outside to do that now, so most of my outfits are from the weekends! I also wore this to go have pho (Vietmanese soup) with Peter's family. Yum!

Jacket - Forever 21+/Camisole - ASOS Curve (no longer available - similar)/Jeans - Courtesy of Lane Bryant/Shoes and Purse - CBX (no longer available - similar items here and here)

Lane Bryant sent me these jeans to review, which are a part of their new Genius Fit collection, and I really like them! They are really great with heels, but a bit too long for flats if you're a shorty like me (5'4"). It's no problem, though. I just use these sticky-back snap things that you can buy at the dollar store to change the length of the jean - that way, you can wear your favourite pair with either heels or flats! This pair is more comfortable than the T3s sent to me back in August, and they have a lower rise, which I think I prefer. There was some gaping at the waist, but it wasn't too bad, and considering that I have a 13" difference between my hips and my waist, I doubt this will be a problem for most people! Overall, I really like these jeans and have worn them out a few times since I got them. The leg has a moderate flare which I think looks great, and the wash is really nice. 

Make sure you check out Lane Bryant for these fab jeans, and don't forget to pop into Your BIG Sister's Closet to see what new things I've got up! And I promise it won't be as long for the next outfit post. I've actually already got it lined up!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Curvy Girls' Valentine's Day Shopping List

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and neither La Senza nor Victoria's secret have a thing that will fit. You've checked out the department stores, but all they have in your size is bras with inch wide straps in white cotton, and floor length flannel nighties that would hardly suit your grandmother. Frustrating, isn't it? Whenever this happens, I always look online to find something better that WILL work for me. I don't have to settle just because brick and mortar stores don't carry my size, and I actually simply refuse to now. There's no reason why I can't find exactly what I'm looking for online. If these stores won't carry my size, then they clearly don't want my business. I am done trying to squeeze into their extra large. Especially when there are so many fantastic options available online.

So I thought I would compile a list of fantastic items (and stores) where you can shop to get your lovely Valentine's Day goodies. From heart print dresses for your night out on the town to lingerie for, well, your night in, this list has got you covered!


Hips and Curves - One of my all-time favourite websites for plus size lingerie! They have really amazing, high-fashion inspired stuff, and they have even been featured in Vogue Italia Curvy. They have items that range from demure all the way to racy, so they're sure to have something that will work for your taste. Here are a few of my favourite items from their store right now.

Close this window
J'Adore Overlay Chemise, $39.95
Babydoll With Red Heart Molded Cups
Baby Doll with Red Heart Molded Cups, $24.95
Close this window
Baby Doll with Garters and Stockings

Torrid has a lot of beautiful lingerie right now, and the best part is that it's all on sale! All their lingerie is $24.99! They have a bunch of different styles. Here are some of my faves.

In addition to all lingerie being $24.99, if you use the links to Torrid on this page, you'll get a 10% off discount for Curvy Canadian readers! They also have a really great sale on boots going on right now - $29.99 for all pairs!
I can't forget Lane Bryant, because their lingerie brand, Cacique, is one of my favourites!
Pink Lace Heart Embroidered Baby Doll, $51.11

Ashley Stewart also has some lovely stuff:

 Bella Two-Piece Cami Set
Two-Piece Cami Set, $13.49

 Bella Lace Bodysuit
Black Lace Bodysuit, $26.50 (with BOGO free)

Dresses and Tops:
City Chic Flutter Hearts Top, $14.99

Daytime Luxe Dress from Shop Translated, $89

City Chic Flutter Heart Dress, $29.99

Black Big Hearts Jumper, 28GBP

I hope you enjoy some of these items and have a great Valentine's Day! Stay tuned for more outfit of the day posts soon, and don't forget to visit my new online store, "Your Big Sister's Closet." There are a few lovely pink items in there that would also work for Valentine's Day dates!

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