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Curvy Canadian: February 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Escaping the City in the 2013 Ford Escape

Hey Guys!

I am still trying to catch up on blog posts I missed out on over the last couple of months, so please bear with me! Back in November, I was lucky enough to get the test out the 2013 Ford Escape. The hubby and I decided to drive down to St. Jacob's for the day. It was so much fun!

Having had the opportunity to review a few different cars from Ford, I would definitely say that this one was the one we would both be most likely to purchase. It's just so practical and comfortable! The MSRP is very reasonable for what you get, and this model had Eco-Boost, so even though it's a crossover, it was just as fuel efficient as our current small sedan. It was so useful to have a vehicle that could fit so much, as we had a number of larger items to pick up for the store and this vehicle had no trouble accommodating that. The seats fold right down very easily, giving you ample cargo space in a matter of moments. The aesthetic is lovely, and it's very responsive. The seats are very comfortable and as always, the touch screen for climate control, navigation, and entertainment was excellent. We were really sad to return this one, and we're seriously considering an Escape for our next vehicle. You should go test drive one right now if you're in the market.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

EDIT with Jeanne Beker and Addition Elle

Hey Everyone!

It's been so busy around here, but trust me, I am still blogging, and still definitely working with other brands! Just because I have started my own initiatives does not mean that I don't support others. I strongly believe that plus size women NEED variety, and that more stores won't hurt the industry here, but help it. They will make more women interested in and invested in fashion. I don't shop exclusively from my own store, and I don't expect my customers to. Women love and need variety! I still want to bring you guys all the (unbiased) news about plus size fashion here in Toronto and in Canada generally because I think it's still hugely important, and I want women to be educated and informed about all of their options. It's why I got involved in the plus size industry here, and that hasn't changed one bit. I am still here to help you look and feel great in any way that I can. it has been a crazy couple of months, but I wanted to finally get around to posting about the event I attended with Addition Elle and EDIT by Jeanne Beker back in November.

It was a really lovely event at the Hotel Germain near the ACC. We got to meet and chat with Jeanne Beker, former host of the program Fashion Television, who told us more about herself and how she got involved in the fashion industry. We got a preview of her collection which will be offered at Addition Elle in the Spring. It is gorgeous line with really fresh, beautiful Spring colours like mint and coral. There was one leatherette jacket in mint that I fell head over heels for! Models came out in looks from the line, and the fit and fashion of each was totally on-point. I'm very excited about the collection and you should totally check it out.

Me with Carlie from Friends in my Closet (left) and Roslyn Griner (centre), VP of Marketing for Addition Elle
Meeting the fabulous Jeanne Beker, designer of the EDIT line available exclusively at Addition Elle
What I Wore - Tights, Camisole, and Bracelet-Addition Elle/Shoes - Forever 21/Skirt - Jewellery - Aldo/Clutch and Jacket - Vintage
Some of the fantastic shoes available at AE this Spring


Lovely Coral and Neutral Looks...

There's the mint jacket I'm in love with on the right!
Getting a closer look at what's available...
The models' third looks

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