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Curvy Canadian: August 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#jeansdujour - Transitioning from Summer to Autumn with Plus Size Fashion Jeans

Hey Guys!

It's the time of year when kids are headed back to school, the frequency of weekend barbeques slows down, and the weather starts to get a bit cooler. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to wear when transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Fall. For this week's #jeansdujour post, I will be showing you how jeans can function as the perfect piece to build an outfit around for those in-between days. You all know what I mean...! Those days where it's chilly in the morning and evening, but warm during the daytime. It can be hard to figure out what to wear on days like that since you don't want to be too cold or too warm, but the key is (drum roll, please)... layers!

Layers are the perfect solution for fickle weather. If it gets too hot, you can just take a layer off, and if it's cool, you're always prepared with a cardigan or blazer. Jeans go with virtually everything, so they are a definite Fall go-to. Usually the way I work the layering look is with a pair of my favourite plus size jeans from Addition Elle, a tank or tee (can be fancy or casual) a cardigan, blazer, or bolero, and depending on how chilly it might get, maybe a light jacket like a trench. If you are a fan of scarves, they also make wonderful Fall wardrobe accompaniments, and can help keep you warm if it does get chilly. Make sure you love each piece and how they are working together in order to create great outfits that you'll feel wonderful in.

I always get a little sad at this time of the year because Summer's winding down, but the one thing I do love about the Fall is all the beautiful fashion! If you're like me, and the end of Summer gets you down, know that there are all sorts of pretty things to be done with your wardrobe that the heat of Summer simply does not allow! Have fun playing with all sorts of colours and wardrobe combinations, and don't forget the layers! A little retail pick-me-up is all you need! ;-)

This is the outfit that I came up with to show you... I picked up the jeans for curvy women from Addition Elle this past weekend. I was so pleased with all the new plus size designer denim they're carrying. I found several pairs that fit perfectly. I ended up choosing the bootleg denim pants by 69 Jeans. They fit so perfectly (and make the butt look great!). I recommend sizing down one size with this style. The fabric of this jean is very stretchy, so to get the right fit, you want them to be snug. I love the dark wash of these jeans, as well as the side button closure and wide waistband that accentuates your natural waist. The rise is just right which I rarely see on plus size jeans (I always find it either too high or too low - I must be the Goldilocks of jeans or something!) and the pockets on the back are the perfect size with just enough embellishment to be fashionable while not overstated, like some embroidery patterns I've encountered. I love these jeans, and I think that they would work out to be long enough for some of the taller women out there too (I'm only 5'4", but I am wearing 6" heels in these shots...yes, seriously...6"... I have a love-hate relationship with Jeffrey Campbell). So they'd likely work on someone 5'10" or 5'11" wearing flats with no problem.

Jeans - c/o Addition Elle/Jacket - Your BIG Sister's Closet/Tank Top - J.C Penney/Purse - Penningtons/Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell via Nasty Gal/Earrings - New Look/Necklace - Laura

So ladies, what do you think of my new jeans? And what are your secrets for dressing during seasonal transitions?

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Fatkini Post

Hey Guys!

So I've been swearing up and down all summer that I would do a fatkini post. I wanted to do it earlier in the season so you could see where I got my swimwear and pick up a suit yourself if you wanted, but the summer got away from me and I didn't make it to the beach until a couple of weeks ago! I've been debating whether to post this or not because I'm studying to work in a professional field and have been concerned about this surfacing in the job interview process. However, the field I work in is also one which values logic, reason, and unsettling dominant ideologies. The reason I have decided to post these is that the fat body is a highly politicized one, and the only way we can begin to change that is to expose more people to it - to show them that it is not the shocking thing that they might imagine it to be. I've also decided to post these because I want to inspire more women to be confident with their bodies, to walk out onto the beach in a bikini and not worry about what anyone else thinks.

Remember: "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

Note: I'm wearing a cover-up in some of the shots because I am very fair and burn super easily... Always wear sunscreen or a light UV protecting cover up to make sure you're not harming your skin.

Bathing suit - Monif C. via Gussied Up Plus/Cover Up - H&M Plus (US)

Bikini - Panache c/o Bare Plus/Cover-Up - New Look (UK)

Bikini - H&M+ (US)/Cover-Up - Joe Fresh/Hat - Chapel Hats

Which suit is your favourite?

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#Jeansdujour - How to Style your Jeans for Curvy Women

Hey Guys!

It's #jeansdujour time again, and for this post, I will be giving you some advice on how to style your plus size designer jeans! The key to styling denim jeans is to make sure you are balancing your lower and upper halves (if you're wearing fitted jeans, a looser top is recommended, and if you're wearing a relaxed cut, a fitted top is recommended). It is also SO important to make sure that you feel like you in whatever you're wearing. Style is such a key form of self-expression! You can tell the world how you're feeling, where you're going, and even who you are without ever saying a word.

I've created a few polyvore boards so you can see some fabulous outfit combinations using Addition Elle jeans as the wardrobe staple that they can be! Check out some of the looks below to see which look suits you most!

Romantic - Shades of pink, lavender, cream, and other pastels as well and light, gauzy fabrics abound. Florals are a go-to for you. You are a hopeless romantic.

Sexy - Damn Girl! You definitely like to turn some heads. You choose bold options that are likely to get you some attention.

Hipster - You are the epitome of Geek Chic. You love thick framed glasses, whimsical prints and jewellery, and adore things that are a bit eccentric.


Bohemian - You love long, flowy skirts and crochet anything. Big gold jewellery is your favourite, and you love headbands.


Trendsetter - You love to be fashion forward, and are right on top of all the latest trends in fashion.


Punk - Black, leather, spikes - you love it all!


Preppy - You're a conservative dresser, who loves button down shirts, pastels, cardigans, and pearls.


Glam - If you were a Spice Girl, you'd be posh! You love things with a bit of shine, a lot of polish, and a subtle, sophisticated sexiness.


So which of these sets resembles your own style? I'd wear all of it!!!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Catching Up... I don't even know where to start! And Plus Size Shopping in Edmonton

Hey Guys!

It's been SUCH a hectic summer for me this year... So much on the go! I feel like I haven't updated you all in forever! Around the beginning of July, I took a trip out to Alberta with my sisters. We got to see lots of really amazing stuff (we visited Jasper and Banff, and stopped off at Lake Louise, beautiful!). I also got some shopping done (of course!). I felt it was about time to give you all the scoop!

Me and my big sister Linda... It was a bit chilly, so I got to break out my new Spanner jacket from Lola and Gigi

Me and my big sister Gillian

Stunning Lake Louise!

Canada Day in Banff with Mounties!

While we we driving through the national parks, I saw all sorts of animals: mountain goats, elk, deer, and even a bear - oh my! It was very pretty!

Once we got back to the city (Edmonton) it was definitely time to do some shopping. Especially since Edmonton has the biggest shopping malls in all of North America (the fifth largest in the entire world). I stopped in to a lot of stores and ended up getting some great stuff on sale from Anthropologie, J. Crew, and The Bay. No, you didn't miss anything... neither J.Crew nor Anthropologie carry plus sizes. BUT they do sometimes have things that are stretchy or oversized enough to fit, and I got very lucky with several pieces that I'm sure you'll see in upcoming posts!

After the mall, we decided to check out a few of the independent boutiques on Whyte Avenue. OMG. Retail heaven. So many beautiful, trendy stores. With much more reasonable prices than comparable boutiques here in Toronto. Again, not much available here in regards to actual plus sizes, but I did come across one boutique called Oak + Fort that was absolutely amazing and had great stretchy and oversized pieces. The sales associates were really helpful. I think they caught the drift of what I was looking for and started bringing me pieces that were likely to work/fit on my body type. It was really amazing. Often when I walk into a straight sized store I feel really unwelcome, but here, this couldn't be further from the truth. I was really happy to shop here.

I came away with a really cool, structured type of white t-shirt, and a woven step-hem sweatshirt... Gorgeous!
After doing a bit of research, I also found a store called Fashion Addition in Edmonton. I decided to drop in and check them out. Here are a few pictures from the store. 

Hey, there's a familiar face! It's @liisw!

There is an emphasis on career and active wear and I would definitely recommend this store for women 35 and up who are looking for high-quality brand name clothing for work, travel, leisure and/or exercise. 

When I got back from Edmonton, I really had to hit the ground running to get the word out about BIG Deal Toronto, so I made sure to visit the Fuller Woman Expo, which was held at Yonge/Dundas Square to hand out some postcards and mingle. I also got to see my friends Sasha and Garcia's runway showcase. Their line's name is Flaws of Couture, and it's totally amazing.

Dress - H&M (size L, but very stretchy)/Shoes - Payless/Earrings - Shoppers Drug Mart/Purse - Random store in NYC/Sunglasses - F21

New Friends! I finally got to meet fellow blogger Lala Joan

This piece is actually from SexyPlus Clothing. If memory serves me, it's a Joseph Ribkoff piece. LOVE.
After BIG Deal Toronto, I had to drop something off at a Caribbana Mas Camp for one of my girls Sarah (who came in all the way from Montreal for the event) and I couldn't resist taking some pictures of my own outfit and the amazing costumes! Man, I really would love to do Caribbana! Maybe next year, lol!

Body Suit - ASOS Curve/Skirt and Petticoat - Sofistafunk/Shoes - New Look/Purse and Bracelet - Random Store in the 6th and 36th area of NYC

I hope you've enjoyed this (somewhat jumbled) catch-up post and review of where to shop for plus size clothes in Edmonton. I have a fatkini post coming up VERY soon (nervous!) and also a post about my fabulous vacation in Montreal, Quebec City, and PEI and all the fab clothes I wore during it ;)

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