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Curvy Canadian: May 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OOTD 3 Take - What I Would Wear to a Wedding

Hey Guys!

I've gotten together with the lovely ladies Rikke from Sticky Sweet Danish and Jessica from Too Many Sequins to do a 3 take on what we would all wear to weddings! This is what I chose. I decided to do three different outfits, since fashions for weddings can vary immensely, some being highly formal, black tie, affairs, and others being more casual. What you wear should depend on how formal the wedding will be. If the invitation suggests black tie or insists that jacket and tie are worn, you can be fairly sure that that's a very formal wedding, whereas if you're going to an outdoor wedding, you can probably assume the dress will be a little bit more casual. Either way, you'll want to look beautiful and I hope that some of these outfits will inspire you as wedding season begins and you go out to shop for your own dresses!

Outfit 1 - Casual

Dress - Ricki's/Shoes - Winners/Jewellery and Purse - Ardene

Outfit 2 - In-between (this type of outfit is a good idea if you're not sure whether it's a more formal or casual affair)

Dress - Marshalls (US)/Bolero - Forever 21+/Clutch - Express (US)/Jewellery - Ardene/Shoes - Penney's (Ireland)

Outfit 3 - Formal/Black Tie

Dress - ASOS Curve/Earrings - Panache/Shoes - Spring/Clutch - Express

My Hair

I put a bump-it in my hair to make it sort of big on top, wore it half-up, half-down, and put a  gold headband on to emphasize the height that the bump-it gave my hair. What do you think?

So what do you guys think? Which one is your favourite? Make sure you visit both Rikke's and Jessica's blogs to see what they would wear too!

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

OOTN: A Cocktail Party

Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven't posted any outfits over the past little while. I've been really busy studying for a big exam I had. I wrote it on Friday, and I'm so glad it's over! I think it went really well.

I went to a cocktail party on Saturday night in honour of my friend Suzana, who's getting married in August. It was a great party and I got to catch up with her and my friend Jenna from Ottawa who came in for the event. It was Downtown at a place called The Spoke Club, so I felt the need to get a bit dressied up!!! What do you guys think of the outfit?

No one has entered the giveaway yet! Make sure that you remember to enter it guys!

Dress - Forever 21+/Sequin Blazer - Yours Clothing/Shoes - Guess?/Necklace, Earrings, and Clutch - Thrifted

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My First Blog Giveaway!!!

Hey Guys,

I am very pleased to announce my first blog giveaway! I have partnered with the fabulous people at Pixics to offer an exclusive giveaway to Curvy Canadian readers. The prize is this top, which comes in XL and XXL:

Pretty awesome, right? So what do you have to do to enter?

- Visit and submit your entry.
- Make sure you follow Curvy Canadian with Google Friend Connect (on the sidebar) and leave a comment on this post with your email address so I can contact you if you win!
- For extra entries, follow Curvy Canadian on Facebook and/or tweet the phrase "I just entered a fab contest with @CurvyCdn and Pixics! Enter now at
- Make sure if you are FBing or tweeting, that you submit an extra comment for each of the extra entries you get. If you don't submit seperate comments for FBing and tweeting, those won't count :(
-The contest ends on June 30, 2011 at 11:59 EST. I will draw a winner shortly thereafter using

Shop more Indie Fashion

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Devil with the Blue Dress?

LOL, I couldn't figure out what to name this post, so that's what I went with. I'm still feeling sick today, but I thought I would do another post for all of you. Yesterday, I went to my cousin's confirmation, and I wore this blue dress.

Dress and self-tie sash - ASOS Curve/Earrings and Necklace - Thrifted/Shoes - Target
Sorry there's not as much writing for this post - I am pretty sick still. And I also apologize for looking so tired in these pictures. Usually I like to take the pictures just after I've finished getting ready, but we were running late and needed to get a seat in the church so we had to go. I got Peter to take these for me once we got back, but my hair and makeup is not the best as a result. I probably also look tired because I'm sick too. What do you all think of the outfit?

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Water Lilies...

Hey Guys,

Just another quick OOTD. I am actually sick with the flu at the moment, so I am pretty much on my couch, wearing a Molson Export sweatshirt and watching tv (How to Train Your Dragon's on at the moment). But today was my niece's (she's also my goddaughter) 1st birthday, so I had to leave the house in something other than my grungy sweatshirt which will always smell like camping no matter how many times I wash it (not that that's a bad thing!). So I thought I would post some pictures of me, sick and all, for you to see.

I love this dress that I got because it reminds me of Monet's Water Lilies. Like Anika from ByAnika - I love to draw inspiration from art and just everyday life. Here is one of Monet's expansive paintings from the water lilies series:

So when I saw this dress in Target, it had to be mine! It was a perfect choice for a day like today. What do you all think? I've really appreciated all of your comments about the last post! Glad you liked the dress. I told Peter he was totally over-ruled!

Dress and Sandals - Target/Bolero - Suzy Shier/Tights - Forever 21+/Purse - Costa Blanca/Belt - Came with a Dress from Dorothy Perkins/Hair Bow - Ardene/Necklace - Homemade with charms from Walmart


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

OOTD: What I'm Wearing for a Meeting with My Advisor

Hey Everyone,

This is just a quick OOTD post showing you what I am wearing today for a meeting with one of my PhD advisors. My exam is approaching rapidly (8 days away today) and I am just meeting with him to look over some of my practice responses to make sure I'm on the right track.

Peter didn't like this dress in the store, but all the other women were commenting on it in the changeroom and totally disagreeing with him. It was so totally unanimous that I had to get it, despite it not being Peter's fav. What do you think?  I paired it with some leggings from Dots and my glads.

I also got my hair done. I went to the Donato New Talent Salon on Lakeshore. They were great. I had SOOOO many greys! I am too stressed out. I was looking at a picture of myself from like a year ago, and I've aged so much in such a short period of time. It looks like it's been 5 years instead of one! Oh well, that's what a PhD program will do to you!

Anyways, without further ado, here's the outfit. What do you think?

Jacket - New Look/Dress, Belt, Leggings - Dots/Mirror Necklace - Forever 21/Other necklace - Thrifted/Sandals - Spring/Purse - Costa Blanca

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Studying Like No Other!

Hey Guys,

I have a life-altering, 6 hour-long, PhD exam coming up in less than two weeks, so please forgive me if my posts as somewhat less frequent/detailed for the next couple of weeks. I promise they will return to normal after my exam! I will try as much as possible to keep up with the blog though... Who knows, maybe I'll even be posting more often since you are all so supportive and I thrive on your comments. I wore this outfit to study at a coffee shop. My landlord who lives above me (I rent a basement apartment) can be quite loud during the day when he's taking to his friends on the phone, so it's hard for me to get any studying done at home. This means that I love to study at cafes. I wore this outfit to study at a Coffee Culture near me. What do you think? I love to hear what you think. You don't even have to do a word verification. Please comment so I know you're there and I'm not just writing to myself, lol!

Dress and Jacket - Dots/Scarf and Purse - Costa Blanca/Shoes and Tights - Target/Earrings - Thrifted from Salvation Army in Port Elgin/Necklace - Ardene

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Conference Day 3 Outfit

Hey Guys,

So this is the outfit I wore to day three of the conference in Michigan. I attended some great panels this day and made some wonderful contacts. The Saturday of the conference is usually a bit more casual, hence, the denim jacket. After the panels were done for the day, I was able to go and do a little bit of shopping. I went to Dots, Target, and Marshalls. Pretty awesome stuff. The manager at the Kalamazoo Dots store was SO helpful, and I found so many great clothes there. And the prices are great! She made lots of suggestions and helped me decide on some items by getting me belts, shrugs, shoes, etc. Such fantastic service for such an economical store! Target was awesome too. At first, I was majorly disappointed because I went to their plus size section and the stuff was the same old blah stuff you find in most Canadian department stores. But then, I decided to go check out some of the straight-size items to see if I could find anything oversized and/or stretchy, and I realized that their straight sizes go up to a 2X! YAY! Again, I found so much that I loved. Their summer dresses are just gorgeous. I was also able to pick up some really cheap colourful tights in my size ($5/pair). Usually I can only find black here, and when I do, they are like $15/pair. So I was really happy to find pink, purple, coral, navy, teal, and even a pair with a floral pattern. They seem really durable and they stay up pretty well, so I would say they are a good wardrobe investment. And the shoes! Wow! So cheap and so comfy. Loving it. I made one last stop at Marshalls, where I was able to pick up a pair of awesomely comfy damask pjs (which, I will confess, is what I'm wearing now) and a nice dress that I plan to wear to a wedding I have coming up (which I got for $20). Physically and financially exhausted, Peter and I then retired to the Olive Garden for dinner (we used to have Olive Garden in Canada, but then it wasn't making money). I love Olive Garden and whenever I am in the states I make sure I get there at least once. It brings back fond childhood memories since it was the place where my family had dinner on my communion day. So all in all, it was a great trip and I am super jealous of our US counterparts for having way better plus options than us. What about you guys? Do you cross-border shop? I am thinking about making a list of my favourite cross-border stores on here along with their strengths. What are your favourite cross-border shopping destinations?

Jacket - Dots/Dress - ASOS Curve/Belt - Forever 21+/Shoes - American Eagle via Payless/Briefcase - Thrifted/Necklace, earrings, and scarf tied onto briefcase - Dollarama/Bracelets - Crafted (beaded) by me

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