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#Jeansdujour - How to Style your Jeans for Curvy Women

Curvy Canadian: #Jeansdujour - How to Style your Jeans for Curvy Women

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#Jeansdujour - How to Style your Jeans for Curvy Women

Hey Guys!

It's #jeansdujour time again, and for this post, I will be giving you some advice on how to style your plus size designer jeans! The key to styling denim jeans is to make sure you are balancing your lower and upper halves (if you're wearing fitted jeans, a looser top is recommended, and if you're wearing a relaxed cut, a fitted top is recommended). It is also SO important to make sure that you feel like you in whatever you're wearing. Style is such a key form of self-expression! You can tell the world how you're feeling, where you're going, and even who you are without ever saying a word.

I've created a few polyvore boards so you can see some fabulous outfit combinations using Addition Elle jeans as the wardrobe staple that they can be! Check out some of the looks below to see which look suits you most!

Romantic - Shades of pink, lavender, cream, and other pastels as well and light, gauzy fabrics abound. Florals are a go-to for you. You are a hopeless romantic.

Sexy - Damn Girl! You definitely like to turn some heads. You choose bold options that are likely to get you some attention.

Hipster - You are the epitome of Geek Chic. You love thick framed glasses, whimsical prints and jewellery, and adore things that are a bit eccentric.


Bohemian - You love long, flowy skirts and crochet anything. Big gold jewellery is your favourite, and you love headbands.


Trendsetter - You love to be fashion forward, and are right on top of all the latest trends in fashion.


Punk - Black, leather, spikes - you love it all!


Preppy - You're a conservative dresser, who loves button down shirts, pastels, cardigans, and pearls.


Glam - If you were a Spice Girl, you'd be posh! You love things with a bit of shine, a lot of polish, and a subtle, sophisticated sexiness.


So which of these sets resembles your own style? I'd wear all of it!!!

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At Wednesday, August 22, 2012 4:13:00 PM , Anonymous filigree said...

Really? Comments make your day? Then why did you take mine down? It wasn't offensive. It was my opinion.

At Thursday, August 23, 2012 8:17:00 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Really nice post!!! Most likely to wear Hipster but love them all.


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