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Plus Size Denim: How to Find the Perfect Fit

Curvy Canadian: Plus Size Denim: How to Find the Perfect Fit

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Plus Size Denim: How to Find the Perfect Fit

Hey Guys!

So for today's #jeansdujour post, I am going to help you learn how to find the most perfectly fitted pair of jeans for your body type. Not all plus size women are the same shape, and we all face different challenges when looking for the perfect fit and style for our bodies, so I hope my tutorial will demystify some of the issues we all face when looking for the perfect pair of plus size designer jeans.

The first step to finding the perfect pair of plus size fashion jeans is determining your shape. Check out the illustration below to see which figure your body resembles the most: diamond, triangle, rectangle, circle, hourglass, inverted triangle, or pear.

If you're a diamond, you are fuller through the mid-section. High-waisted jeans will work well to elongate your legs and will ensure a good fit and comfort around the waistband. Look for jeans with lots of stretch. This will show off your gorgeous legs and ensure that the seat of the jeans doesn't sag. Try this pair.

If you're a triangle (like me!) you are fuller in the hips, butt, and thighs. Look for a pair of jeans with simple back pockets, and especially avoid flaps and buttons like this:

Pocket flaps add extra volume and emphasis to the butt. Ensure the back pockets are not too small. This creates the illusion that your butt is a lot bigger than it actually is. Make sure the pocket size-to-butt ratio is always in check! Another fit issue for triangles is the gaping waistband. In order to find a pair of jeans that fit in the thigh and hips, triangles often have to go up a waist size. One way to avoid this is to look for a pair that offers a lot of stretch in the thighs and hips, like these awesome skinnies by Second Denim. They're called Yoga Jeans because they look like jeans but feel like yoga pants. I could live my life in them. SO comfy and cute.

If you are a rectangle, your bust, hips, and waist are all balanced, and you have a straight body type. The key to dressing this body type is in defining the waist to create a curvier-looking shape. Mid or low-rise jeans look great on you, and jeans with wide waistbands or worn with belts help define the waist. Bootcut or wide-leg jeans are highly recommended, as they will add volume to your lower half and create great lines for you. Check out this pair.

If you're a circle, you have some of the same fit issues as the rectangle, and you're goal is to help define the waist more. A higher-waisted jean, like this pair, is recommended than for rectangle, with a wide waistband or a belt to emphasize the end of your bottom-half and the beginning of your upper half.

If you're an hourglass, you're a lucky girl! Most denim shapes and styles will work on your body type. Look for pairs that show off your waist definition and make sure you balance your top with your bottom. Check out this pair from Silver Jeans.

If you're an inverted triangle, you have a fuller bust and proportionally smaller bottom half. Look for jeans that will create balance - bootcut or wide leg jeans will help you with this. Try this pair from Addition Elle.

If you're a pear, you have a medium sized bust, a somewhat defined waist, and are fuller through the hips and thighs. My fit tips would be the same as for the triangle shape - avoid too many bells and whistles (whiskering, rhinestones [though I think we should ALWAYS avoid rhinestones], flap pockets, contrast stitching) and look for jeans with a waistband that doesn't gape (high-waisted jeans are great for this, as well as very stretchy pairs). Check these out.

Make sure you check out Addition Elle's jeans this season. They have amazing brands in stock and so many fashion-forward options!

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At Tuesday, August 14, 2012 9:31:00 PM , Blogger ciaa said...

This is a great post , As a plus size girl and a tall on its hard for me to find Denim that fits me .

At Tuesday, August 14, 2012 10:55:00 PM , Blogger Amanda K said...

I am tall too, need a 35"-36" inseam, hopefully AE will start carrying some longer lengths.

I'd love it too if they'd start putting the inseam length, and the rise length in their descriptions on the website. That would be so helpful for us tall girls, and probably helpful for the petite girls too.

Maybe our favorite Canadian blogger could suggest that. :)


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