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My Summer Vacation in Quebec City and PEI with Ford and Fairmont Chateau Frontenac!

Curvy Canadian: My Summer Vacation in Quebec City and PEI with Ford and Fairmont Chateau Frontenac!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Summer Vacation in Quebec City and PEI with Ford and Fairmont Chateau Frontenac!

Hey Guys,

So I recently got back from my summer vacation, and I wanted to share my pictures and stories with you. I had such a fantastic time, and going through all the pictures from the trip makes me so nostalgic!

I have to give so many thanks to Ford for loaning us the 2012 Ford Focus for the trip. It was so sporty and comfortable. We got very familiar with all the features as we drove about 18 hours each way, and I have to say that this car has got all the amenities! Turn by turn navigation, rear-view camera, individual climate control, and my favourite, you can change the colour of the lights on the dash and throughout the car to reflect your mood! There's purple, pink, blue, red...! So cute. There is ample storage space in the car, and it has great pick up. We made good use of the cruise control feature during our journey as well. We were very pleased with how the car ran and all of its features.

We stopped over in Montreal for lunch, and ate at this fantastic little Greek restaurant with a beautiful patio. When we were leaving I saw this lady walking her pet pig and I just had to pet it... Peter felt bad because he'd had pork souvlaki for lunch! Don't mind what I'm wearing, lol. Road trip clothes!

We continued on driving until we got to Quebec City, where I was able to get an amazing room at Fairmont Chateau Frontenac. The hospitality was incredible. I've never stayed at such a beautiful, luxurious, and historical hotel before. As soon as we got there the valet unloaded our bags and took our car. We were greeted so warmly by reception, and the concierge was so friendly and knowledgeable. She recommended a wonderful restaurant for us. When we got to our room, I was so pleased. The decor was so beautiful and tasteful. The bed was extraordinarily comfortable, and we had a stunning view of the St. Lawrence River, over which there were fireworks that we were able to watch from our room. SO romantic! There were lovely little touches everywhere. The PR Manager had left a gift of two jars of the hotel chef's jam with a personal handwritten note; there were maple biscuits on our pillows; and there were complimentary slippers and a print out to give you a bit of history about the hotel and the weather forecast. 

Please excuse the lack of jewellery and the poor choice of shoes... I was in a hurry and couldn't find anything in my case. Top and Skirt/ASOS Curve/Purse - Random store at 6th and 36th in NYC/Shoes - Wal-Mart
We were super excited to finally be in Quebec City, so we both freshened up and headed out for dinner. We took the funicular down the mountainside to get to the restaurant we wanted to go to. We tried a little place that the concierge had recommended called Le Lapin Saute. The name is a play on words - it means both "the rabbit jumps" and "the rabbit sautees" (cooks). LOL. Most of the menu is rabbit based, and neither of us had ever eaten rabbit before, so we decided to try a small portion. We ordered the "Picnic Basket for Two" which comes with grilled garlic, salads, local cheeses, smoked salmon, herb foccacia, croutons, rabbit rillettes, and carrots and onions confit. It was SO good. The setting was lovely and romantic, and we actually felt like we could easily be in Paris, drinking good wine, eating French food, and sitting out on a cobblestone terrace. Great atmosphere and lovely food. I would definitely recommend it if you are in Quebec City anytime soon. We thought the funicular would be open all night, so we decided to walk around a bit before heading back to the hotel. Well... when we got back to the funicular, it was closed! We had to take about a million stairs to get back to the hotel. Oh well, c'est la vie! It actually turned out to be a nice walk since we took it pretty easy. 

The walk back to the hotel
The bed was so comfy and we got a really great night's sleep. We woke up and looked out the window, and this was our beautiful view!

Breakfast was included with the room, so we went downstairs thinking that it would just be a continental. Nope. Full breakfast buffet with the most delicious foods - crepes, waffles, eggs, sausages, bacon, potato rosti, omlette bar, cereals, yoghurt, fruits, pastries... and I could go on. Basically anything you wanted. The service in the restaurant was beyond excellent, and again, it was such a lovely atmosphere. The restaurant has a stunning view of the boardwalk and river, and it was a great place to people-watch as there were lots of women dressed to the nines. One even had an authentic vintage Chanel 2.55 bag. Gorgeous!

After our wonderful breakfast, we took a little walk on the boardwalk and got some great shots of the hotel's exterior. It truly felt like staying in a castle, especially since our room was in one of the turrets!

Dress - Forever 21+/Shoes - Wal-Mart/Purse - Random Store at 6th and 36th in NYC/Sunglasses - c/o Penningtons

After our morning walk we packed up the room and checked out so that we could make our way to visit my sister in PEI. When we got into the car, the valets had put two chilled bottles of water in our cup holders. Such a nice touch! Excellent hospitality all around. They really do think of everything to make you more comfortable. I highly recommend the Chateau Frontenac if you are ever staying in Quebec City. In fact, it was such a great stay, that I would even recommend visiting Quebec City just so that you could have the experience of staying at the Chateau.

We finally got to PEI, and I gave my nieces the biggest hugs ever, after which they were sent off to bed since it was so late. I snapped this pic of the car in my sister's driveway in the morning.

The backyard!
The NEIGHbours! Hehehe...

Crochet Top - Anthropologie/Cami - Forever 21+/Shorts - Dots/Shoes - Wal-Mart/Purse and sunglasses- c/o Penningtons
We decided we'd head over to check out North Rustico Beach in PEI that morning. It was so pretty there! We were able to drive right out onto the sand. 
2012 Ford Focus, loaned to us by Ford Canada
My brother-in-law Joey took us clam digging! Top - H&M+/Cami - Forever 21+/Shoes - c/o Crocs/Pants - Lululemon 

I caught one!
The next day we got to visit Victoria-by-the-Sea, and it was so beautiful there! 

Top - Joe Fresh/Cami - Forever 21+/Belt - ASOS Curve/Purse and Sunglasses - c/o Penningtons/Shorts - Dots

PEI's biggest tree!
 After we got home from Victoria-by-the-Sea, Joey made us a lobster dinner! It was sooo good!

The next day we got to go to Green Gables, the setting of the Canadian classic novel Anne of Green Gables. This is Peter and I smooching on Lover's Lane... LOL. So cheesy! After Green Gables, we went to Cavendish Beach, but you've already seen pictures of that from my Fatkini Post!

After the beach, we met up with my sister who works in Charlottetown for some dinner. We went to a pub there and they had really great live music. Amazing fiddling!

Dress - Jessica Simpson from The Bay/Shoes - Target/Purse - c/o Penningtons
The next morning, it was time for us to head back to Toronto. It was sad to say goodbye because I miss those guys so much, but I know I'll see them again soon. We enjoyed Quebec City so much the first time, we decided to stop over there again and stay at the Chateau Frontenac once more. I decided to wear my new dress that I got from the ASOS Curve sale to dinner. I really love this dress, even though when I got it, the colour was not quite what I was expecting (more green than I thought... I was expecting a shade of cream or maybe butter yellow). The shape of it is just so lovely!

Dress - ASOS Curve/Purse - Random store on 6th and 36th in NYC/Shoes - New Look
After dinner we turned in since it was a long drive. We woke up the next morning for a really great treat I had booked for us, a day at Le Nordique Spa et Detente complete with a couple's massage. This was Peter's very first massage, so it was even more special and relaxing for him. When we first got there, we walked down these stairs beside a waterfall to get to the spa. It is almost like a wilderness retreat. Very beautiful!

Top - Oak + Fort/Pants - Fashion Addition/Shoes - Target/Purse and Sunglasses - c/o Penningtons

Checking in... I already look so relaxed! LOL.
A picture of the hot and cold pools, and the sauna and steam room huts
The lovely girl at reception who explains how the Nordic bathing system works. You first get hot (in either a hot tub, steam room, or sauna) for about 10-15 minutes. Then you submerge yourself in cold water (cold pool, multi-head shower, or the river) very quickly for about 1 minute, followed by about 15 minutes of relaxation in their adirondack chairs, sun beds, or hammocks (the hammock was my fav - I fell asleep!). Then you repeat the cycle as many times as you like. Our couples massage was very lovely and romantic, and took place outdoors in a netted-in gazebo.

Swimsuit - Monif C via Gussied Up Plus

I would definitely recommend Le Nordique Spa et Detente! We were so relaxed and we're still talking about how amazing it was. We want to go back so much! Afterwards, we had a fairly low-key dinner and headed to bed since we were so amazingly relaxed! The next day was the last day of our vacation, and there was a bakery, Paillard, that I really wanted to check out in the Latin Quarter, so that was our last stop before heading home. We picked up about a dozen macarons. Delicious!!!

I saw this adorable little puppy, and I just had to pet him.

So that was my fantastic vacation! I'm so sad it's over... What about you? What did you do this Summer? Have any of you visited Quebec City or PEI before?

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We want to go back so much! Afterwards, we had a fairly low-key dinner and headed to bed since we were so amazingly relaxed! imassagetherapist


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