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Toronto LG Fashion Week - Thanks to L'oreal Paris Canada!

Curvy Canadian: Toronto LG Fashion Week - Thanks to L'oreal Paris Canada!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Toronto LG Fashion Week - Thanks to L'oreal Paris Canada!

Hey Everyone,

I realize that this is coming a bit late - you've probably all seen a bazillion posts about LGFW, but not from the perspective of a curvy girl, so hopefully it was worth the wait!

I meant to buy the full week-long media pass for LGFW, but I put it off too long (waiting for my paycheck to come in) and by the time I actually got around to wanting to place my order, they were already all gone :( I was praying to the fashion gods all week long to let me go and see at least one show. You can imagine my surprise when they answered!

I had been tweeting people who were involved in LGFW all week to see if they had any spare tickets floating around. No such luck. Finally, I entered a twitter contest with L'oreal Paris Canada, and I WON! Honestly, this has been the winning-est two months of my life. I hardly won anything up until then, but now, I am on quite a streak!

I was totally excited about the shows (Caroline Neron, Bustle, and VAWK [if you watch Project Runway Canada, this is Sunny Fong's line and I was really excited about it]). I found out that I won the tickets like less than an hour before we had to leave to see the first show, so you can imagine what my bedroom and closet looked like after I had finished picking out my outfit! I didn't have as much time to style myself as I would have liked, so I just fell back on the dress I like to call "'ol faithful" because it's always an easy choice if I'm not sure what I want to wear and I have to look presentable in a hurry. I tried to jazz it up a bit with some seventies-inspired jewellery and accessories. Do you think I pulled it off?

Outside the tents at the step-and-repeat. I was so excited!

On the red carpet with my red vintage suede jacket...

And without the jacket... Brr...
Inside, near the box office

In the "Fashion Environment." There were a few sponsors here: Special K, DHL, Woolite...

When I saw this maple leaf, I was like OH MY GOD. It's the perfect backdrop for a blog picture! Especially since I'm "Curvy Canadian"!

I know that was a lot of shots of the same outfit, which I apologize for, but I was just having so much fun posing everywhere! Here are some close-ups of the pieces:

Dress - ASOS Curve/Belt, Breacelets, and Earrings - Forever 21+/Thrifted Vintage/Necklace - Laura/Purse - CBX/Shoes - Charlotte Russe

I guess I should also show you some pictures of the fantastic stuff I saw on the runway too, huh? Okay... Highlights from:

Caroline Neron
Image Courtesy of Fashion Magazine

Image Courtesy of the Ottawa Citizen

I was actually lucky enough to be able to take a short video of the finale of Caroline Neron's show. Check it out:

Such stunning jewellery! The show was really fantastic and actually had a theme. The women were different cultural interpretations of goddess figures. They definitely looked the part. They were ethereal and beautiful and were shining so brightly that you could actually almost believe they were from another world. I would give Caroline Neron five stars for this show. I was so impressed. I don't wear jewellery like this every day (obviously), but when I am looking for my wedding bling, I know where to go!

The next show was Bustle, a menswear line. There were a lot of nautical inspired looks and some pastels mixed in for good measure. It's a really preppy line. Peter was with me and he really liked a lot of the looks.

Image courtesy of
Sonny Fong's collection for VAWK was amazing, and was insect-themed. There was one skirt in particular that I fell pretty hard for (sort of like the middle picture, but it also covered the front, lol). What I liked about this show was that they used both a fuller-figure (size 12) model, and a more mature (62 years old) model. I would like to see more of that, of course in the show (2 out of like 25 models were "diverse" beauties), but I know we have to start somewhere.

Image Courtesy of Toronto Life

Another thing I noticed was that there were A LOT of curvy girls attending the shows. If there are this many fashionable curvy women in Canada, where are the brands to cater to us? Canada has a long way to come in terms of serving the curvy market. It seemed like most of the clothes that the fashionable curvy women were wearing were from UK retailers. Another thing I would like to see is a plus size label (or a few of them) exhibiting at Toronto Fashion week. If you really want to impress the truly fashionable curvy women out there, you'll should be able to put your clothes on display in the international public eye! More plus size brands and designers need to step up to provide options for the young and vibrant curvy women who want fashion in their lives. Personally, I would love to do all my shopping in Canada, but if I want to achieve the aesthetic I'm going for, then that's just not a viable option for me. Anyway, enough ranting!

I owe big big thanks to L'oreal Paris Canada for holding the contest so that I could come and partake in the Toronto Fashion Week joy! Thank you so much! It was great to meet you and have you host me at the shows! I had such an amazing time! =D

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At Friday, October 28, 2011 6:00:00 AM , Blogger NooranElämää said...

Amazing dress! I love it. :)

At Friday, October 28, 2011 1:18:00 PM , Blogger Thick Threads said...

wow you looked amazing! what a fabulous dress! and congrats on winning the tickets :)


At Friday, October 28, 2011 5:49:00 PM , Blogger ZAG said...

That dress is PHENOMENAL!! You look so beautiful, wow! Looks like a fun event, and that necklace was the perfect touch.

At Thursday, February 02, 2012 8:08:00 AM , Anonymous ibc said...

That dress is PHENOMENAL!! You look so beautiful, wow! Looks like a ibcbetfun event, and that necklace was the perfect touch.


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